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We help and support authors through self publishing in paperback, hardback and digital format


Its a sad fact that thousands of books go unpublished worldwide because the publishers simply don’t have time to read every submission that is sent to them..

In Fact it took J.K. Rowling of harry Potter fame multiple rejections before she was successful. Many will say that someone that self publishes is simply a frustrated writer lacking talent. However many writers have taken years if not decades before obtaining recognition for their work.

The digital world has changed the playing field and many people make a good living out of writing. We specialise in providing the support needed to get your book out there and we use the worlds greatest platform. 


We Help people like you to publish their book, whether in Paperback, hardback or digital form and list it for sale on Amazon.





Traditional Publishing takes place when an author submits a manuscript to a publisher . The publisher then agrees to publish the book and bears all the costs including marketing. Often the writer will get as little 5% in Royalty payments.

When Self Publishing, the author takes control of the process and pays for the preparation and publishing of their book.  Once the book is published they enjoy between 50% and 70% of the Royalties on the book.

Self publishers may sell fewer books, but with some Savvy marketing, they can make more than authors that have used a traditional publisher. They also don’t have to wait for manuscript approval.





The first 100 000 words proofread as part of your package.

Listing and Online Marketing


Listing and publishing with Amazon.Goodreads, Scribd and Lulu

Print publishing

Publishing on demand – from 5 books. Distributed on the high street .

Ebook Publishing

Published in different formats to maximise electronic distribution. Published to Kindle, Lulu, ScribD

Layout and Cover Design

Your cover designed in KDP covers and Adobe Indesign


ISBN and all the legal stuff

Your ISBN registered and barcodes produced. Your books submitted to the national libraries.








Send us the manuscript

We look at the manuscript and confirm the price


You accept the quote and we start working on your book


We do all the legal stuff and ensure the marketing is in place


The book is published and we launch the book


It was so seamless, quick and I was earning royalties within four months of appointing Ruby’s Future. My book was translated and published in two languages and is now being proofed in a third. They were completely focused on ensuring I met the royalty payout threshold. After the first year, I retained them to continue managing my royalties.

James Dunt

My Grandmother wrote a childrens book many years ago. We all loved it as kids, but she never published it. Together with my siblings and cousins we decided to publish it in her memory and give the proceeds to charity.

Rubys Future were so helpful in getting it all done. My Grandma would be so proud.

Sonia Dutch

I didnt believe I’d ever get published. The folk at Rubys Future were very supportive, proofed the book and sent it for publishing. Within weeks it appeared on Goodreads and the reviews pushed my ratings and sales up.
Im now working on my second book. While I havent become a millionaire it has provided a second income and paved the way for more writing.

Carl John

Our Company Needed to publish some manuals cost efficiently. Not only did we manage this through Ruby’s Future but we have been able to sell the manuals and enjoy a return on investment. Because they understood how Ebooks influence SEO, Ruby’s Future also helped to make us more visible online usingE-publishing.

Natasha Jones