Our Story

Rubys Future started as a small sideline in 2010, creating and managing digital content for charities and small business in Scotland. The business started as an additional income generator for the current controlling director Ruth Richards-Hill and the very first significant client was Scottish Autism.

Over the years RubysFuture has created and published material for social media campaigns and prepared educational material and guides for end-users of Microsoft products amongst others.

The real breakthrough took place when the founder realised that there are many really good quality but sadly unpublished books out there. While there are those that can write well, many don’t know where to start with publishing. Ruth found a way to help people who didn’t want to lose a fortune trying to publish and distribute a book, with no experience. Providing an opportunity to publish digitally has meant that many writers can now publish online and to print on demand without having to cover excessive costs. Rubys Future started to print to Ebook and Kindle for those wanting to publish but the sheer cost of printing proved an obstacle.

Rubys Future now publishes to Amazon, Lulu, Kobo and independent Ebook, as well as print on demand. Providing the service of submitting the publication to the national library and registering the ISBN and other legal paperwork. All in a single package.

Eventually, because the business was overlapping with other business interests and grew to a point where it was becoming difficult to separate RF with other digital projects the decision was made to establish Rubys Future as a legal entity on its own.

On the 26th May 2020, Rubys Future was incorporated as a limited company, by ordinary shares with the controlling shareholder being Brayve Digital Investments Ltd. The company was registered in the United Kingdom and is governed by the laws of England and Wales. Rubys Future has several shareholders, but it is controlled by the parent company.

From a part-time spare room enterprise, Rubys Future has become a  respected family owned business, that for many seeking a solution to self-publishing is now a household name.